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From the Back of the Fridge
Book, CD, and DVD set. A lovely historical reference unfolds the life of Andrez Bergen.

About Andrez Bergen

Andrez Bergen, better known as Little Nobody, is an expatriate Australian journalist, some-time musician, photographer, DJ, occasional illustrative pencil-pusher, one-time filmmaker, writer, wayward graphic designer, and an ad hoc beer connoisseur, formerly from Melbourne, who's been entrenched in Tokyo, Japan, for almost 8 years now. In most respects (aural and visual), Andrez likes to steal furtive glances in a pseudo-metaphysical rear-vision mirror, greedily brushing up on the "found art" chapter of the Dadaists' handbook; he then plagiarizes heavily from the cut-up techniques of Brion Gysin and Tristan Tzara, nicks the deconstructive tendencies of post-modernism in jaded new ways, and casts a sardonic eye on the industrial music splice 'n' dice ideology of Cabaret Voltaire in the '70s - all the time stimulated by Marcel Duchamp's display of a toilet urinal back in 1917.

In 1998, he released his first full-length Little Nobody album, titled Pop Tart. "If the pharmaceutical journeying of writer Hunter S. Thompson seems allied, somehow, to the rituals of club culture and its music," mused critic Chris Johnston for Rolling Stone, "then look up this grab-bag of sounds and postures by Little Nobody, aka Melbourne producer/DJ Andrez Bergen... A deluded, entertaining quest, in this case through the electronic music of the '90s. There's a bit of everything here, all fighting for control."