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From the Back of the Fridge
Book, CD, and DVD set. A lovely historical reference unfolds the life of Andrez Bergen.

Point the remote control at the Andrez Bergen digital Victrola of doom and scan the airwaves of all time and space and join us for the last waltz of the mechanodroids on the event horizon of the Slash Cut and Loop universe. Or sip a cup of tea and sing along quietly to yourself with the curtains drawn. All samples have been sanitized for your protection.

01. A Zed & Two Rorts (Live PBS mix)
02. Poiseworks (Slam-Dunk Ninja mix)
03. Electraglide In Lieu
04. Nana Mouskouri's Spectacles
05. Dance Of The Mad Obon Ladies
06. You Make Me Strong
07. Rat Bastard
08. Metropolis How?
(Funk Gadget vs. Settee of Industry mix)
09. Wash (Mumeishi mix)
10. Dancing Chic To Chic
11. We Call It Crack House (Decade Later rejig)
12. Bonny Voyager
13. Laika, Belka & Strelka
14. The Engine Room
15. 98.4 Perfect
16. Like A Sturgeon (featuring Noisepsalm)